ruby oakley art

Mixed media work

I really enjoy how i can mix up my materials to create multi-layered & textured work mixed media art works.

I am fascinated in the materiality of paint, how it moves, mixes, drips, runs and almost seems to have a life of its own.

I also use many other materials to get the look i'm after, such as spray paint & stencils to aid layering & pattern creation,
along with collage & wooden block prints this creates a great depth to my work.
Colour also plays an important role in my work, whether i'm using bright eye catching colours to create a visual cacophony that sings out to the viewer or a more subtle subdued & moody colour palette to convey a differnt emotion 

Elemental series

Tag series

 Text series

Furniture - various themes

The furniture painting comes from an inquiry into how 2d wraps around 3d. This combines with my love of sustainability/reuse and the rich history of old furniture. My work breathes new life into the old creating not just something beautiful, but now once again useful. 



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